Mikaela Morgan

Mikaela Morgan

Mikaela has lived in Berkhamsted since 2015 working as a professional photographer throughout that time and now owns a private photo portrait studio in the village of Wilstone near Tring (just 15 mins from Berkhamsted). She now offers beautiful makeover photoshoot experiences for women as well as flattering personal branding and head shots for men and women in business who need profile photos to use online.

If you think you are not photogenic, fear not as Mikaela believes that she can create flattering images of anyone and that its just a matter of finding a photographer who not only makes you feel relaxed and comfortable but also importantly has the expertise to light and guide you into a natural looking pose that works for your body shape, size and features.

You can view her gallery of client images including Before-and-After photos, Behind-the-Scenes videos and Client Testimonials at www.mikaelamorgan.co.uk

Mikaela joined the committee in August 2016 and is looking forward to helping the Chamber of Commerce develop even more fully into a helpful resource and networking opportunity for local businesses.

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