March’s Pop Up event was held at Cafe Epicure on Berkhamsted High Street.

What a wonderful greeting by Ender for the 14 local business owners that attended. On arrival, there was a myriad of coffee pots and filters, coffee beans and mugs. We were all in for a new experience.

So Ender guided us through each of the difference coffee brewing contraptions and took the time to discuss how each method changed the taste of the same coffee blend. From quite bitter coffee we worked our way down to really smooth coffee that was cold brewed for 8 hours (Ender had started the brewing process that morning). It certainly kept all of the attendees awake and chatting to each other.

In between each offering, the attendees were able to move around Cafe Epicure to start new conversations. I always find it amazing, we are part of such a close-knit community but there is always someone new to talk to at these pop-up events.

Anyway, back to the coffee tasting, and Ender has now gone into the furthest depths of coffee brewing knowledge to compliment certain brews with certain cakes. Another pleasant surprise for our attendees.

All in all, it was fascinating to find that each brew came from the same beans and that it was the skill of the barista that made them taste differently.

This was an unusual and interesting experience which illustrated the diversity of business that now operates in Berkhamsted.

If you’ve not had a chance to call in on Ender and his team, it is highly recommended. A warm welcome, a good brew, and a thriving hub of activity.