Trent Portraiture


I’m a local portrait photographer. I help people get noticed and convey their personal brand through headshots, business portraits and personal brand portraiture.

For something special, ‘The Magazine Feature’ printed and framed portraits are anyone who is proud of who they are, what they’ve achieved or what they stand for. Inspired by editorial portraiture, they celebrate your character, personal values and story. Think stylish, artistic, intimate, even damned outrageous. Express yourself.

I’m drawn to portraits that tell stories, that convey self-worth and self-respect for the person you are and celebrate the life you live. Self-worth and self-respect are far more powerful than a simple likeness, self-esteem or beauty. They are the traits that provoke an emotional response and connect with an audience.

Every family, company and even organisation has its characters and heroes who are remembered in stories. Its portraiture that brings those stories to life. For this generation. For future generations.