1 June 2020

The BDCC has been working with this organisation regarding Berkhamsted High Street, to see how we can improve trade and footfall. One of our members Tobias Oliver has helped in checking this organisation out and Toby comments as follows:-

“Following your advice I looked at Save the High Street and completed their questionnaire (which was very insightful). I had a call back a couple of hours later and would highly recommend to other business owners in Berkhamsted”.

The initial service is FREE and if a number of you complete the questionnaire, we will get a Berkhamsted High Street report which will give us data as to how to move forward and apply pressure to various bodies.

You can contact Save the High Street via Sarah Bassett (sarah@savethehighstreet.org) or click here if you wish to complete their survey: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5576426/High-Street-Recovery-and-Resilience?s=LCzoom

They will also give you advice which will relate solely to your business.


I have a newsletter coming out soon and would be very interested in any business initiatives you have taken during this period. I know that one of our members Dickman’s (dheran.ladwa@gmail.com) is selling a range of PPE and William Young 1876 (info@williamyoung1876.com) is doing the same for face masks only.

Dickman’s (dheran.ladwa@gmail.com), Tobias Oliver (tobias@tobiasoliverinteriors.com) and Yvette Chocolates (yvette@yvettechocolates.com) are also offering discounts to members. Please let me know if any of you are also considering any such offers and please contact them all for more information.

If you have any other views about the High Street can you also let me know.

Best Regards

Pete Elsworth – peteels12@gmail.com

P.S. Toby has just told me he did a webinar with Save the High Street today on visual merchandising for shop owners which he has found very useful.