A plea from your Chamber of Commerce

We may seem powerless to stop the atrocities taking place against the Ukrainian people but we can do something.  We can donate money!

The Queen, Prince Charles and the Duke of Cambridge have all unusually stepped outside usual royal protocols and made their feelings known, expressing support for the people of Ukraine.  The Queen has donated to the DEC, the Disasters Emergency Committee.

The Chamber has followed suit and made a substantial donation to The DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

If your business has made or would like to make a donation and we suggest to the DEC, the Chamber will publish a list of those businesses on the Chamber web site and will forward to the local press.

We are not asking you to state how much you are donating (unless you wish us to publicise this).

Simon Double is coordinating Chamber member charity responses to this crisis, so please contact him @ info@solarioracing.com or call him on 01442 877 597.  Let him know if your business has donated.